I will be the first to admit that I always look at the comments on social media. I love reading them. If you are someone who comments on our posts, you have probably noticed we at minimum react to them. As much as I love to read the comments, we get plenty of people who love to hate on the idea of The Hard Road. 

I remember seeing a notification come up for Instagram and seeing the comment "Oh great, another t-shirt company." I remember initially getting upset. I was like who does this person think they are?! They don't know anything! They are making an assumption because they saw a post come across their feed and now they are an expert?! 

I got more irrationally angry than I should have. I looked at their profile and immediately felt sorry for them. From what I could tell, they had very minimal content and very few followers. They also had what looked like a fairly sad life. I did not look too much deeper than that and I did not respond to this person. I also then took a step back and said to myself would I still be upset if it was someone that was credible and actually had a following? Why do I care what someone says just because they decided to try to troll  me?

As I thought about the fact that I allowed myself to get worked up over a troll on the internet, I also thought about the fact that someone putting out comments like that will never understand why I started The Hard Road. They will never challenge themselves, make themselves uncomfortable on purpose, and push themselves to be the best they can every day. Their words should have no meaning to me because they are just complaining to complain.

So, are we just another t-shirt company? Hell no! We are a community of people striving to be better every day and getting out there and crushing it as often as we can. We are always lifting each other up and finding new ways to push ourselves and excel. If you see it any other way, feel free to scroll on because we have no energy for you and no time to listen to your excuses or unsolicited advice. Keep talking. We will keep working. 

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